September 23rd, 2014
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Looking to promote your site? Top RP Games offers a variety of banner space for targeted marketing. We offer great service at competitive prices. See below for current rates.

Top RP Games offers advertising on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. This means that you pay only for users who actually click on your ad and visit your site. Additionally, we have an IP tracking system so that if the same user clicks on your ad twice in a 24 hour period you will not be double-charged. The cost per click is the same for all banners, but it does vary with volume. Clicks can also be spread out to multiple banner campaigns. Here's the pricing layout:

Amount Purchased Cost Per Click
$10 $0.05
$10-$20 $0.05
$20-$50 $0.05
$50-$100 $0.05
$100-$200 $0.05
$200-$400 $0.05
$400-$600 $0.05
$600+ $0.04

Select The Number of $10 Blocks You would like to purchase
When you get to the payment form!

How to proceed
Send an email to with the banners and location to display. Then click the PayPal Payment and enter the amount you want to purchase.

If you have questions or would like more information, please send an email too

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