September 30th, 2014
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Exclusive Offers (Newest First)

Mafia Zone New Users Offer

Hi all, Mafia Zone has a new offer in place. Each signup you will get a Donaters Pack for free.

Donater Pack Info:
$5,000 Game Money
50 Crystals
50 IQ
30 Days Donator Status: Green Name + Donater Mark next to your Name
NEW! Friend and Black Lists
NEW! 17% Energy every 5 mins instead of 8%
NEW! Gain HP twice as quick
NEW! Gain Will twice as quick

Just go to: to signup
NEW! Gain Brave twice as quick

Sign up this week - Eternal Fight

Sign up this week to Eternal Fight and reach level 5 within 7 Days of age and Receive a Free $7 Donation Package. What do you have to lose?

All new members get a free $10 Donation Pack

All new members that sign up at will get A $10 donation pack free. Just mail the staff requesting your free donation pack where and where you found out about the offer.

Free Limited edition weapon Give away

Hello one and all

Here at worldofrennie we are giving away 50 Brand new Sawoff Shotguns to new players and $1000 in game currency so dont delay come join today

Enter Promo Code Sawnoff01

A helping hand!

Sign up today and get 3 free donator days to help you get started!

Adventure Bayblue

Adventure Bayblue Mafia

50 Free Crystals & 14 Days VIP Status

Now when you sign up for Open Beta of Apocolyptical: A Post Apocalyptic RPG, you will receive 50 Free Real Money Crystals to purchase premium items as well as 14 days to try out VIP Status!

New User Package!

Register with code: PROMO2011

Dark Warlords - Joining bonus

Now for a limited time only, when you sign up to Dark Warlords you will receive 5 Subscriber Days. Get a huge advantage and sign up today.

SignUp and Recieve 5 Rare Points

Signup Today at Ultimate City MMO and recieve 5 very
rare Points. Get ready to Become the best. Signup today in this exclusive offer and start your journey to...

Become the Greatest of them All...

Avalon - Sign Up Bonus

Sign up for Avalon, through Top RP Games and get 7 Days FREE Nobility in addition to double the amount of starter kits.

Avalon - Begin The Ultimate Quest Now

Mech Battles offering $400 Sign up Bonus

For a limited time you will get a $400 sign up bonus when you sign up. Not only that but since the game is in Beta you will receive a low ID as well. So get your head start today!

Sign up for Troubled-Unions and get £ 1,000

Troubled-Unions is a great RPG mafia game with a Battle Arena, Attack Ladder and so much more. Join Troubled-Unions and start a mafia today. Times are tough are you tough enough.

Use Promo Code: TOPRPG07

Get 1,000 Points FREE

Get 1,000 Points FREE when signing up for Way of the Mobster Beta in the next 2 Weeks! This is worth $8, but is being given away FREE! Get yours now!

Mono District

All new game
SIGN UP today with PROMO code: mccodes
& start off with $500 in-game money instead of $100.

MCcodes; bringing the finest RPG gaming experiences ever.


If anybody signs up to this game in the next week they will get $100,000 and 40 crystals!
Darkid will send you them in 24 hours of registration.

Public Beta of Heroes based Detective MMORPG

Primatown is a new (free) MMORPG open to the public since easter 2009. From the award winning team (video/graphical art) of Vision Impossible (see YouTube). The beta is ONLY advertised on TOP RPG so be sure to get your advantage by trying out the game now! FREE BONUSPACK for every sign up! Limited time only! use promocode 'ptwonka' when registering

Free Donator Status!

Hey everyone, for a limited time, if you sign up on and use the promo code TopRPG you will receive 2 Donator Days! In addition, if you mail me, ID 1, referring to TOP RP Games, then I will credit you the money to buy your first weapon and armor! Hope to see you soon!

Beta Testers needed

Looking for able bodied spies to help beta test a brand new gaming engine. Type 'toprpg' in the promo code box when you register to receive a special item to get you started off.

PrizePimps TOP RPG special

Right now if you see this sign up for the game and message me (I'm player #1 (Matt)) and tell me you saw this message and I will add 1000 ($10 value) credits to your account for free.

Happy Pimpin! -

Joining bonus

Now for a limited time only, when you sign up to Roe you will receive 10,000 points instead of the usual amount of 150. Get a huge advantage and sign up today.

Start with 5 extra training points for signing up now!

If you join now while the game is still starting up, you will receive 5 extra points through this exclusive offer!

Generic RPG Extra $500 When Signing Up!

You will recieve an extra $500 when signing up for Generic RPG.




Were in beta so if you want to see the game and get an advantage, come along to test the features.

1000 dimes

fist 10 people to sign up will receve 1000 dimes

Christmas Special

Now through cristmas when you sign-up mention this offer and recive $5000 and 36 crystals, please mail ID 1 to recive this offer.

Join Today And Recieve An Additional $2500 site bux

join today and recieve $2500 site bux just for being reffered here.. MUST MESSAGE ID#1 DJ PRO-STYLEZ to claim your prize when joining.


sign up to criminal-galore and recive $5,000 free game money if u send id 1 a mail saying where u heard about our cool game:D

Anotther new Game from the creator of Brendans Cross

Bang Hoes, Deal Drugs, Kill Cops. This game is brand new, We are looking for a few bad guys. Are you one of them?

FREE $5 when u reach level 20!! Check us out now, We have fun at NuclearWastelands

Sign up as a normal player, try the game for a few days, when u reach level 20 you will get a free $5 pack just for trying us out, its that simple!!

2 for 1 points offer with an insane points deal!

Hello there welcome to this promotional message. On Battle Craft we are offering 2,300 points for just 20 these will last you ages. And to top it all off. We are in the 2 for 1 period. Where by its actually 4,600 points for just 20. Amazing deal or what guys and gals?
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