September 16th, 2014
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Terms and Conditions provides web game listings and game ratings to many website owners and we have a responsibility to protect each website owner and to provide the best services available. The following guidelines were established to ensure these obligations are met.

Game Submissions

  • Only games with online multiplayer capabilities are considered.
  • Games must be available in English language.
  • No free-form games (play by post via email or forum based).
  • Your website must contain the game, or an area from which to download the game.
  • Your website must be the official game page. No fan pages.
  • Your website may not contain pornography.
  • Your website must be currently up and running. Beta submissions are allowed.
  • You must own or run the game you are submitting!

    Rating Submissions

  • No rate down of other games to try to make your own/favorite game rating higher.
  • All rating posts are reviewed, if you give a low or a high rating without a good reason in the comment field, ratings submitted by the submitter will be deleted.
  • Users found with multiple accounts may be banned site wide.

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